Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Ten Best "Smallville" Episodes (Part 2/2)

5. Justice (Season 6 – episode 11 )
Before The Justice Society of America makes its arrival in the Smallville universe this year….even before The Legion of Superheroes popped up…Smallville Season 6 had its recurring character, Oliver Queen a.k.a Green Arrow, round up the past DC comics guests stars (Bart Allen/Impulse [The Flash], Arthur Curry/Aquaman, and Victor Stone/Cyborg) to form the beginnings of The Justice League of America. The end result was a well executed episode about the young Justice League trying to rescue Bart from the clutches of Lex Luthor in his secret lab. Talk about a geeks dream come true! It was well written, well acted, fast paced and full of great moments. Perfect.

4. Reckoning (Season 5- episode 12)
They told us the events of Smallville’s 100th episode would change things forever. Looking bad almost four years later…it really did. Smallville went from the happy-go-lucky almost Dawson-Creek-Like show into a much darker and comic book centered Superman series. This episode marked the death of Clark’s adoptive father, Jonathan Kent. Those final scenes were heartbreaking and the performances from all the series regulars were so amazing and believable. There’s not much else to say other than episode 100 did not fail to deliver.

3. Shattered (Season 3 – episode 8)
In spite of Smallville having several amazing episodes, very few made me drop my jaw in surprise of where they took a story. This episode was one of those few. Having Lionel drug his own son into insanity just to cover up his sins was insanely dark for Smallville and was a major twist in the direction season 3 was going (one of my favorite seasons of the series). The suspense and overall great writing in this episode was immensely complimented by Michael Rosenbaum ‘s haunting performance. It’s episode like this that make me sure Smallville can be good quality television.

2. Memoria (Season 3 – episode 19)
It’s easy to say that Lex Luthor became the iconic criminal mastermind we all know him to be because of the cruel and unloving parenting of Lionel Luthor. Smallville went further and explored why the father/son relationship between both Luthors was so strained and dysfunctional. It was great seeing a young Lex and how his relationship with his father was a much more loving one before the death of Lex’s brother Julian. Also shown was Clark’s earliest memory of his biological mother Lara as he was being sent away from Krypton to earth. The end of the episode has two of the most heartbreaking scenes in Smallville history: One where Lex confronts his father and reveals all he wanted was to be loved, and another where Clark shares the memory he recovered with his adoptive mother, Martha Kent. Episodes like this that were beautifully acted, shot, written, and emotionally are perfect. Emmy material.

1. Rosetta (Season 2 – episode17)
This was one of the very first episodes of Smallville I had ever seen. And it was in fact, the one that got me hooked onto the series. This episode featured a special guest appearance by Christopher Reeve, who had previously played the Superman character in four feature films before Smallville’s time. This was such an amazing episode. First of all, it was well written and the story of Clark finally getting answers about his origins was one I could relate to. I loved how the main story gave everyone something interesting to play, and of course there was the legendary scene between Tom Welling and Christopher Reeve. That scene was so well acted on both players parts that you truly felt a ‘passing of the torch’ moment. A moment that means a lot now that Clark is truly stepping into the role of a hero and adopting a lot of the Superman persona. There’s isn’t much else to say. It was stunning.

Random Trivia
Season With The Most Fave Eps: Season 3 (3 episodes)
Season With No Favourite Eps: Season 1 and 4 (Although they do have some other great ones: “Pilot”, “Zero”; “Run”, “Commencement”)
Director of The Most of My Faves: James Marshal (Arrival, Reckoning)
Writers: TIE! Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Rosetta, Memoria), Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson (Reckoning, Savior).