Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enter C-Rav

C-Rav has landed on blogspot! Yes, I've pondered having my own blog to show my interests and thoughts on various happenings around the world for awhile now and decided to finally do it!

You might be thinking, "Hey, C-Rav, why not just use Youtube to give your thoughts on such things?". True, I could use my channel, Crisrav1138, to do this, but my Audio Vlogs series ultimately died down as I found myself not being able to thoroughly discuss the movie related news in the time limit given on Youtube. Also, when blogtv and MSN allowed me to discuss such things (and more) with many of my subscribers, the Audio Vlog series lost its purpose as these new methods allowed for more concise conversations.

So what will you find here? I don't know! I'd love to do Smallville episode reviews, movie and television news, and anything I might have anything to say about whats going on in my life and the world.

So I hope you enjoy!

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