Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plans For Television Fall 2009

The new television season is almost upon us and there are only three shows currently airing which I plan to watch as they come on television. This gave me the idea to actually schedule when I’ll watch other TV series, because for some reason I keep putting them off, even though I WANT to watch them all, and planning ahead will actually increase the odds that I’ll see them.

Monday: *On TV*
House MD – Last season was probably the best, and even more likely my favorite of House. The episode stories were really good and I liked that they delved deeper into the personal lives and beliefs of the characters. The season finale was House’s best yet in my opinion and I’m looking forward to seeing House make his way back to sanity and the effect it will have on his ability to practice medicine.

Heroes – The series that just can’t get with it. I loved the first season, and looking back, minus the S2 cliffhanger, it could’ve ended well with just one year. But Season two was just too boring and took too long to get interesting, while Season 3 started with a lot of potential, but literally wiped it all clean as if it never happened. The only reason I’m tuning into season 4 is curiosity, and Sylar. I didn’t like how they ended the super powered serial killer’s story, but I wanna see where they go with it. That said, I can’t say I’m excited at all for season 4 and might not even stick with it.

Veronica Mars – I started the first season this summer but only got four episodes in before Six Feet Under got me addicted. I’m ready to start up again because unlike my first round with the show back during its initial airing, I actually liked it. Kristen Bell is all kinds of awesome and the main mystery intrigued me enough to get me hooked this time around.

Entourage – Cerdo told me I’d like this show and the Hollywood setting sounds like it could make for some cool stories and guest appearances. Plus, friends have told me with the male camaraderie themes, it’s a guys version of the dreadful and horrendous Sex and the City. I’m intrigued.

The Sopranos – Once again Cerdo is the one who got me interested in this series. His video debating between whether Six Feet Under or The Sopranos was the better show and his comments on how if I liked Martin Scorsese’s GoodFellas (which I love) combined with its praise amongst critics and average TV/Film lovers like us and I’m on board!

True Blood – HBO and Alan Ball (the creator of Six Feet Under, on the odd chance you didn’t know). Nuff said. I saw a few episodes of Season one and liked what I saw but never got around to watching the show on a regular basis. It’s time for C-Rav to jump on the bandwagon and see what everyone is raving about…and I’m kinda excited to be honest =).

Weeds – All I know about this show is that it’s about a widowed mother housewife who becomes her neighborhoods weed dealer to make ends meet. Now calm down, I know underneath that synopsis there are probably more subtle themes worthy of exploration and viewing…which is exactly why I’m watching it. The concept alone is intriguing and Cody recommended it…so I really can’t say no!

Psych – I have to thank Kayla and John (Youtube user ActionFan89) for bringing this show to my attention. I’m not sure what I’ll make of it to be perfectly honest, but the footage I’ve seen and what I’ve heard from both reliable people is enough to make me give it a shot.

Friday: *On TV*
Smallville – Kneel Before Zod. What better way to end the week than with The Ville!? Smallville begins its ninth season after a disappointing end to an otherwise stellar eighth season. The Wonder Twins and Zombies have me worried, but Callum Blue as General Zod, Brian Austin Green as Metallo, Green Arrows sidekick Speedy, the Justice Society of America, and most importantly…Clark embracing his Kryptonian side and finally doing the training first mentioned in season 5…that all has me ready and excited for season nine!

Sunday: *On TV*
Dexter – Dexta. Dexter becomes a daddy in season four so seeing the classic storyline of a man trying to balance work and family but with a Dexter (aka serial killer) twist should be awesome stuff, especially with the brilliant writing Dexter has. Top that off with Deb possibly getting close to Dexter’s origins, Lundy’s return, and John Lithgow as the newest serial killer in town….how can you not be excited!?

Six Feet Under – As most of you know, I finished the first three seasons of this utterly amazing series in the first few days of August. Since then my sources have stopped working, so I’ve been forced to take a hiatus on the series much to my chagrin. That said, I’ve recently ordered the complete series and when it arrives, I’ll be spending Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights finishing off the series. Cannot wait!

Conclusion: So there ya go, my plan for the fall 2009 series. Once I’ve finished/caught op on those shows there are plenty more I’d love to see. Any recommendations? Thanks for reading
and I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. It's good to see your branching from watching the "big" shows like House and Heroes into more cult stuff.