Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Ten Best "Smallville" Episodes (Part 1/2)

As many of you know, Smallville is my favorite television series and has been for the past eight seasons and still remains number one thus far into its ninth year. The show seems to be getting stronger with new producers at the wheel, causing me to reflect on some of Smallville’s best episodes thus far. Here’s list of my Top Ten Smallville Episodes.

10. Perry (Season 3 – episode 5)
Smallville’s introduction of DC Comics character Perry White, the man destined to employ Clark Kent , Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as the editor of the Daily Planet, was a much welcomed one by fans. This story had a younger, more irresponsible White meeting Clark Kent and trying to expose his powers, which he witnessed in a drunken state. The story was really great but Michael KcKean, who played White, made it extra special as his performance was something for the Smallville history books.

9. Savior (Season 9 – episode 1)
The newest episode on the list makes the spot, and the reason is as simple as one word: Epic. In spite of a CW sized budget the special effects in this episode were extremely well done and the story that introduced more questions instead of wrapping everything from the previous season up in 42 mins was engaging. Top that off with the introduction of Callum Blue as Major Zod, who has breathed new life into the role, and a super heroic and pro-active Clark wearing the iconic S symbol (he even TRIED to fly at least!) and you have an amazing episode!

8. Arrival (Season 5 – episode 1)
Another season premiere to have made the list, the first episode of season 5 was also epic. It introduced us to the Fortress of Solitude (which while smaller than the one shown in the Superman films, looked infinitely more…’arctic’-y?) and had two disciples of Zod tearing up shit around town! It was very cool to see the first glimpses of when the show was transforming more into a Superman series. Looking back, this was really when the series starting heavily introducing elements of the DC universe. And that tease of an ending showing James Marsters as Brainiac? Fucking A!

7. Descent (Season 7 – episode 16)
Ever sine Smallville introduced us to the interesting dynamic between Lionel Luthor and Lex Luthor, fans had a sense that Lex’s definitive turn to the dark side would stem from him killing his own father. In season 7, that finally happened. The episode in noted for having no subplot and revolving entirely around this major event, from Lex trying to cover it up, to his dealing with what he had done. The final scene between Lionel and Lex was dramatic to say the least and the stare down between Clark and Lex was so well acted in spite of there being no dialogue that you truly felt Lex had fulfilled his destiny and former friends were now mortal enemies.

6. Legion (Season 8 – episode 11)
Smallville Season 8 introduced the Legion of Superheroes, a team of superhuman individuals from the 31st century known in comic lore for traveling back in time to see Clark Kent before his days as Superman. This was a really great episode because it introduced the team in a way that stuck to the main story of season 8, the Doomsday arc. The three actors chosen to play Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl were fantastic and the nods to the Superman mythos (such as a comment about Clark not wearing glasses) made for some great geek moments. The subplot of the ep was also great, featuring some damn fine acting on Allison Mack’s part as she channels her inner James Marsters. Long Live The Legion!

Stay Tuned For Part 2!

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