Friday, February 5, 2010

"Smallville: Absolute Justice" : Initial Thoughts

As most of you probably know if you're following me on twitter, fact just a little under 30 mins as I'm writting this, Smallville will be airing its first ever two hour TV movie event!

What!? Who said 'Fuck Smallville!" Well don't tell me your problems! Sure Smallville isn't the best written show out there, but it's far from bad because what's awesome about it is sure cooler than well..probably you! Whooaaahh!

I look at Smallville like I look at everything and everyone else I love in this world. Sure its not perfect, but who the fuck out there is! I focus on the good aspects of it, and there's alot about Clark Kent's story and personal struggles I relate to, being adopted and all.

Now tonight features The Justice Society of America, which in the Smallville universe appears to be an underground group of heroes from the previous generation. The Society members being featured are Dr. Fate, Stargirl, and Hawkman...being played by Michael Shanks himself! Some of you may be familiar to those reading this...all three of you!

What makes this even cooler is Geoff Johns is writing it! Who's that?! He's been writting some well recieved Comics and wrote the Legion of Superheroes episode last year!

What I'm really digging is he's openly said what he loves about the show as well as pointing out the flaws! Nothing better than having someone on board who won't kiss the creators ass....Star Wars prequels anyone? Plus he's stated that he was given all the creative freedom (aside from budget limits) for this episode....Fucking A!

So yeah I'm excited about this episode! My initial thoughts: I'm excited as fuck for this episode! Two hours! It's not even just 'two episodes back to back'. They're being edited and written as one clear story! From what I've read it will be epic!

My worries? Hype. Last year the big epic Doomsday vs Clark fight we were promised was a big steamy pile of EPIC fail shit! I have faith in all involved, but you never know. Plus the story seems a little like "Watchmen"...but that's a minor complaint Watchmen didn't really impress me all that much to being with.

So yeah! I'll be back to briefly give my thoughts on the episode! Peace out and even if you're not a Smallville fan, lets all give three huge ass cheers to fanboys of anything out there!

Whooaaah! Whoooaaaah! WHOOOAAHH!!!

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