Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Fall For "Skyfall" Theme

I’ve got to level with everyone. I’m not a huge fan of Adele. That’s not to say I hate her. I don’t. She has a great a voice and is a natural performer, but I don’t like any of her songs all that much. They’re fine (With the exception of the ridiculously annoying song “Rumor Has It”) but I can’t really bring myself to rave about them as much as everyone else seems to. However in general I feel what can only be described as ‘indifference’ towards her.

So when I recently found out she was lending her voice to the newest James Bond theme song for the upcoming film Skyfall, I was less than enthusiastic. It wasn’t completely due to her involvement as much as it was, to me, another bad sign pointing towards one more in a long line of recent forgettable or down right terrible Bond songs.

And so here it is….

What do I think?

Allow to me swallow my pride and admit that I really dig the hell out of it.

When it came to their theme songs, my problem with the Brosnon Bond films was that they were either bland or terrible (see Madonna’s “Die Another Day”). Now while I feel Casino Royale successfully rebooted the Bond franchise by bringing the character back to his bad ass roots in the best 007 film since Goldeneye, Chris Cornell’s song “You Know My Name” was a solid piece yet like many of its more recent predecessors, failed to be anything memorable. As for “Another Way To Die” by Alicia Keys and Jack White? Well let’s just say that Quantum of Solace has some big problems and the song doesn’t exactly help matters.

Now Adele’s “Skyfall” does something the last two Bond themes didn’t…it actually sounds like a James Bond song. Forget the fact that the song manages to include hints of the actual Bond score theme itself, it also has a suave and cool feel to it. You can just imagine a relaxed and casual Bond entering a room full of sophisticated socialites. Charming and cool, but underneath, ready to kick ass all with this song playing in the background. It just fits! Of course credit must go to Adele herself. Her voice is perfect for this song and her singing style makes it feel as though it could easily belong to more classic era of Bond films. She nails it.

After being somewhat disappointed with Quantum of Solace, I’m hoping Skyfall can continue the momentum set up by Casino Royale in bringing James Bond back to what made the character a legend in the first place. So far Adele’s “Skyfall” is a great indicator that the franchise is back on track.

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