Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Don't Need A Hero: MSN/Xbox To Revive NBC's "Heroes"?

Remember the NBC superhero drama titled Heroes? Perhaps, but I am willing to bet that this mention of the show was the first time you thought of the series since it went off the air. Even in the shows final years, before its now three year absence, enthusiasm for the show was waning due to a dip in quality leading to low ratings and a struggle for the series to keep breathing.

However, if you happen to be among the few (or at the very least, the non-vocal) who are clamoring for the series the be revived....your wishes could be granted. Maybe. It is being discussed.

MSN is reportedly in talks to bring back the series through original programming via Xbox.

The proposed plan, currently in preliminary stages, would be to bring back the series with a brand new cast of characters with new stories, while periodically mixing in appearances from cast members of the original series.

Hmmm....remember when I  rained on the Veronica Mars movie parade? This is why. As I have stated, I have no problem with efforts to give second chances to recently cancelled or on-the bubble-shows whether it be through a film, moving to a new network, or switching to online streaming sources. However, after a while there has to come a time where we stop pretending "Actor From Show That Has Been Cancelled For Years Wants To Do Movie Version" is news and just let the series die. If we try to bring back every series with a passionate fan base in spite of the fact that the show in question has been absent for years....well, just about every damn series in existence would be revived and we end up with THIS situation!

Heroes was a show that I stuck with 'till the bitter end and I have not looked back since. Granted, this proposed new take on the series appears to essentially take the supposed original plan of the show to introduce new characters and storylines each season before the series' ego was inflated and they instead they opted to focus on creating more unnecessary plot twists, character relations, and power swaps with the same cast. Nevertheless, this just looks to be an attempt to try out a new form of programming while minimizing the risk by testing a series with a proven fan base...even though that series should be left to rest in metaphorical peace.

Once again I would like to turn to my favourite quote related to situations such as these.

Let TV shows die a natural death. Fans of the cancelled TV series “Star Trek: Enterprise” are trying to raise enough money on their own to pay for another season. It’s either that, or go outside.

Bill Maher

Source: TV Line

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