Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Thinking Lens: Top 10 Comfort Films

Episode #4

Top Ten Comfort Films.

Everyone has a few bad days. Those days when you just can't win and/or the weight of the world has crushed your spirit. When things are not going well, many of us turn to the power of cinema. Film has the power to raise our spirits, get us out of whatever bad mood we are in and make us feel happy again. Romantic Comedies can make out hearts melt. Animated films can allow us to relive the simpler times of childhood. Comedies can make us laugh. Action films can thrill us. Science-Fiction films can allow us to escape reality. Drama films can make us think on our troubles. I refer to these gems as 'comfort films'.

Today I list my top 10 best and favourite comfort films to watch in times of despair in order to brighten up ones day.

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