Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Man of Steel: Superman Has Been Poochie-fied!

The Zack Snyder directed and Christopher Nolan produced reboot of the Superman film franchise has been in theaters for nearly a week and yet, in spite of my best efforts, a video review of Man of Steel on my Youtube channel has yet to be filmed.

Considering reactions and debates regarding the film are THE hot topic of the film, nerd, and internet world, I have opted to post some bullet point form opinions of my own while the conversation remains relevant.

A full video review will be available soon with further details explaining my rationale, but until then, please enjoy…

  • Man of Steel is a good film. I enjoyed much of the film. It has several flaws, but the overall package delivers a solid and entertaining film as far as summer blockbusters are concerned. Having said that, The Dark Knight Rises was disappointing but good enough that I HAD buy the Blu-Ray on release day! Man of Steel is good...but I can probably wait to add it to the Christmas wish list.

  • My initial concerns regarding the film prior to its release were that both Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder were not the right choices for a Superman film. Christopher Nolan’s preference for dark and gritty realism, perfectly suited for what I consider to be the best adaptation of the Batman comics, is not the least bit suited for the brighter and optimistic tone of the Superman comics. On the other hand, Zack Snyder is a director who admittedly has a unique style of his own…and yet aside from his remake of Dawn of the Dead, I have not been a fan of his films which themselves have a generally grim and dark aesthetic. While there are certain story and visual elements I feel work in the film, I do not think I was wrong to be concerned with Nolan and Snyder.

  • What I mean by “Superman has been poochie-fied” is that, in reference to the Poochie character featured in an episode of The Simpsons, it feels everyone involved in the film wanted to make a Superman film for anyone who thought the character/previous films were lame by making him “cool”. In doing so, it feels they didn’t really ‘get’ the character or mythology.

  • Man of Steel could be the poster film for “Be Careful What You Wish For” lessons in Fanboy desire. Do we want to see a film where Superman displays the full extent of superpowers while engaging in battles for the fate of mankind? Yes....but perhaps there is such as thing as TOO MUCH action. Do we want to move on from the Richard Donner universe? Yes…but maybe we didn’t need to abandon the tone and spirit of the original films.

  • While I was concerned with the team behind the scenes, the immensely talented actors and actresses involved always had my support. While the script does not always offer the best material for them to work with, every single performance in this film was great. The actors and actresses did a good service to the characters they were portraying.

  • Superman does not kill. He had no way out, you say? WRONG! Further details in my video review.

  • Hans Zimmer’s score is excellent and moving when it needed to be. No complaints here.

  • The action is stunning, even if some sequences overstayed their welcome. Having said that, I am among those who take issue with Superman’s role in the large scale destruction without regard to human life

  • The Richard Donner films remain the gold standard for Superman adaptations. Christopher Reeve is remains the best Superman. Dare I say it, even the flawed Smallville series and Superman Returns film captured the spirit of Superman more than Man of Steel.

  • Once again, Man of Steel is a fun and amusing summer rollercoaster ride with hints of brilliance, but the final product doesn’t work as a whole and what may seem like minor issues to some are arguably more detrimental to the film than believed. Better than The Dark Knight? One of the greatest superhero films ever made? I cannot agree with those statements, but the films is still entertaining and worth watching for what DOES work. As far as popcorn films go? The film delivers.  

Further details and explanations for my conclusions in a full review of Man of Steel can be found here! Coming Soon!

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  1. Nice review Seb. Can’t go wrong with a superhero movie in the summer, especially one with everybody’s favorite. Or at least the most definitive.