Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Top 10 Best Films of 2012

Better late than never, right? At least this list has the benefit of time and a few re-watches!

#10.  The Dark Knight Rises

This film endures harsh criticism despite sharing the EXACT same flaws and strengths as that other big superhero film of 2012. Regardless of the films imperfections, The Dark Knight Rises still delivers strong performances, top-notch production value, a thrilling score, and Nolan's attempt to conclude the trilogy has all the right ideas despite uneasy execution. 

#09 Life of Pi

A marvelous performance by Suraj Sharma is both moving and impressive considering he is acting against a CGI tiger. The visuals in this film are breathtaking, but the films greatest strength is its emotionally moving narrative. 

#08. Skyfall

This third entry into the Bond reboot series delivers the same serious care given to craft and performances of Casino Royale while introducing (and setting up) some of the elements of classic Bond. Stunning cinematography, excellent performances, intriguing story, and let us not forget that soon to be classic Bond song! There is very little not to love in this installment. 

#07 Zero Dark Thirty

Jessica Chastain continues to impress in this intriguing and exceptionally directed film that manages to hold our suspense despite our knowledge concerning the events from which the film is based.

#06 Robot and Frank

Frank Langella acts opposite a robot in this quiet but ever-interesting film that will surely break the heart of anyone wise enough to give this film a viewing.

#05 Argo

Ben Affleck marvelously directs this intriguing film that holds our attention throughout and delivers one of the most nail-biting final acts of the year. 

#04 Moonrise Kingdom

This film features an outstanding cast from which there are no weak links, creative direction from Wes Anderson, and a brilliant script that is both thought-provoking and hilarious.

#03 Silver Linings Playbook

Every aspect of this film is respectfully excellent, but the films greatest strength is the phenomenal cast led by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. The script creates these fascinating characters and the performers inject energetic life into them.

#02 Lincoln

Steven Spielberg delivers his best film since Munich (2005). Daniel Day-Lewis is riveting in the role of Abraham Lincoln and the rest of the cast is outstanding as well. Surprisingly, Spielberg offers little melodrama and instead crafts a quiet and fascinating film that delivers some of the most depressing and inspirational moments of his filmography.

#01 Ruby Sparks

This film is a more quiet and intimate version of (500) Days of Summer that better articulates the role the male lead plays in the downward spiral of his relationship. Perhaps a little too close to home for some, but this film is an honest, thoughtful, and emotionally draining film. 

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